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Timed almost contemporaneous to the most acclaimed Ecumenical Council viz. Vatican II and perhaps had received the cue from its Spirit; Amruthavani Communications Centre came into its existence in late 60s. Ever since its inception it started having inroads into the spiritual lives of the Faithful. With its comprehensive ‘Vision & Mission’ Amruthavani proved to be a vital tool for the effective evangelization. The pioneers championed in securing for this noble organization the much needed resourcefulness with a farsighted precision. The establishment had a steady progression both in its influence over the Missionary Activity of the Church in the Telugu Region and in its structural consolidation. The Hierarchy, with the empowerment assigned to its very nature, supplemented in the making of this Organization. Thus the Regional Church for over two scores remained strengthened in the spiritual milieu of Amruthavani. It scaled to its highest point of recognition in the society with its role in the production of a feature film viz. Karunamayudu.

Meanwhile the revolutionary changes that emerged in the field of Social Communications have only increased thrust on the Organization. Life in the Society has been very much influenced by rapid use of communication devises in all spheres. There is such a lot of information and disinformation available at the fingers of each individual. Often ‘the Truth’ hardly finds place in the mess of all these.

Amruthavani Communications Centre is gearing forward and reaching out to the Faithful of the Telugu Region and to the Vast Telugu Speaking World scattered all over the globe. Propagation of Truth i.e. the Immortal Word (amruthavani) in its full strength is the single point agenda of it. The different departments viz. Literature, Audio-Visual, Online Communications, etc. are putting in efforts and spearheading the Organization work to its holistic potentialities. There is significant contribution made to the Society through the attempts made by the Organization during this year. The journey continues....


To evangelize using all of forms of Social Communications


1. Rakshana Sandesam:

To Proclaim the Good News to all Telugu speaking people.

2. Dharma Vijayam:

To dialogue with all persons of good will on the values of the Kingdom.

3. Sikshana Vedam:

To train people for the work of evangelization through Media Education and Production Techniques.


Rev. Fr. Winjngaards


Telugu Catholic Bishops’ Council


1. Literature
2. Production Centre (Audio-Visual)
3. Online Communications
4. Radio Veritas Asia


Most Rev. Dr. Udumala Bala


Most Rev. Dr. Chinnabathini Bhagyaiah


Rev. Fr. Polamarasetty Mariadas