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A regional Bishops Council (RBC) was constituted under the catholic bishop’s conference of the India (CBCI) to cater to the special needs and conditions of the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh. The nature of RBC is to exercise jointly the pastoral office of the Bishops to solve common problems and promote unity of action. Hence, the APBC/TCBC is an association in which the bishops of Andhra Pradesh, conscious of their unity and solidarity in the Episcopate, jointly exercise their pastoral office by way of promoting common programmers which cater to the needs of the region.

The Telugu Catholic Pradesh Bishops Council (TCBC) takes its origin from the Regional Episcopal Council of Andhra Pradesh which was set up on October 16, 1954 at the Archbishop’s house, Secunderabad, Archbishop Mark Gopu, the first metropolitan Archbishop of Hyderabad, with the objective of strengthening and developing the local church in Andhra Pradesh. It was later also known as the Andhra Pradesh Regional Bishops Council and eventually came to be called Andhra Pradesh Bishops Council (APBC). 

 The revised Statues of APBC were approved by the members on October 15, 1987 when Archbishop Samineni Arulappa was the Chairman of APBC. Taking into consideration the changed context, the Statutes were further revised in the General Meeting held on September 2005, 2008, under the chairmanship of Bishop Gali Bali. After the bifurcation of the undivided Andhra Pradesh into two states of Andhra Pradesh (A.P) and Telangana State (T.S) in 2014, The nomenclature of Andhra Pradesh Bishops Council (APBC) was changed to Telugu Catholic Bishop Council (TCBC) to denote the Telugu Region of the twin Telugu States.

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Historical Background Of TCBC Centre / Secretariat:

      In the year 1980, APBC (TCBC) purchased a plot of land in Sikh Village Secunderabad Cantonment, for the use of the Amruthavani Communications Centre and other APBC Regional Bodies and Commissions. In this plot of land, a block for Vani Press, now called Jeevan Institute of printing, was the first one to be constructed in 1982.In the same Campus, the A.P Jyothirmai Society built its own administrative office block in 1990 and constructed the extension in 2004 for meeting and training facilities. A separate residence block for the priests called Fathers Quarters” was got ready by 1997. In 2007, APBC set up its secretariat in Jyothirmai with Rev.Fr. Anthoniraj Thumma as the Deputy Secretary. The Andhra Pradesh Social Service society (APSSS) made use of the First Floor of the Press Building for its training purposes until 2008 when the APBC (TCBC) took it over for the use of its APBC secretariat. In 2009, this campus was renamed as the APBC Center. Presently the APBC secretariat also contains the offices of the TCBC Commissions for Bible, Education, Youth, Laity, Family, Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue.

Activities of TCBC Secretariat:

  • The secretariat deals with the regional and the national concerns that come under the purview of the TCBC.
  • The Secretariat acts as a link between the TCBC and the Secretariats of the CBCI and CCBI and function as their regional office for implementing their policies and programmes. The APBC secretariat liaisons with the Secretariats of CBCI and CCBI, keeps regular contact with them, send its annual reports and refer important issues to them when necessary.
  • The secretariat network is with other Regional Bishops Councils to share concerns and experiences and to express solidarity and unity.
  • The secretariat network executes the polices and decisions of the TCBC and implements its plan of action through monitoring and by coordinating the functioning of regional secretaries of the commissions and Directors of Regional Bodies and organizes periodic meetings for them to discuss and respond to the issues affecting the region.

Most Rev. M.D Prakasham D.D


Most Rev. Chinnabathini Bhagyaiah D.D


Most Rev. Jaya Rao Polimera D.D


Rev. Fr. Arlagadda Joseph

Deputy Gen.Secretary


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