Amruthavani started Diploma in Communication and Journalism in 2012 with the leadership of Fr. U. Balashowry, M.F.A. He came up with this project: “1000 Catholic Journalists for employment and social change” in 2012. The threefold purpose of these courses are, viz to create a Christian presence in the mass media (print, radio, television and web media), train clergy and the religious to run house journals and create job opportunities for catholic graduates in the media. The trained journalists will in turn become advocates for Church in media to counter anti Church propaganda by the Hindu fundamentalists. The trained journalists will be absorbed into mainstream media where at present more than 1000 jobs are available. Also, the presence of over 30 regional television channels in Andhra Pradesh gives them a wide range of opportunities. So far 230 graduates are etrained in seven batches. Most of them are already absorbed in the mainstream media.

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