Bharathamitram Society


The beginning of Bharathamithram goes back to a century. it was in Bezawaa diocese. Italian priests of PIME missionaries were preaching the word of God, during the time 1925 Fr. Modelli(PIME) started a religious periodical from Gudiwada by name “VELUTURU”. In those days itself. it was released every month with 32 pages and was the first tabloid targety published the pager in Telugu.

Later when Fr. Modelli went back to his native country, Bishop Grassi of Bezawada and Msgr Bianchi took over the publication of the news paper and continued untill the Second Word War. Ater the Second World War, Guntur Diocese took up the periodical publication. it was a time of Freem movement for the Independence of India and christians were treated as Anti-Indians. In that context, the priodical was named it as Bharathamithram by Hishop Mummadi Igntius in 1943. Bishop Mummadi Ignatius took all the initiavtve to develop the magazine. Under the supervision of the local ordinary, Bharathamithram was published for about 32 years.

At the request of Amruthavani Communications Centre, Guntur Diocese handed over the printing and publication responsibility in the year 1975. Amruthavani published the magazine as weekly till 1991. As per the decision of the APBC, the magazine publication was handed over to Eluru Diocese in 1992. After 10 years once again the magazine traveled back to Amruthavani. At present, the magazine is printed in a periodical from as fortnightly.


Instructs the faithful on religious, moral, educational, social values Informs the faithful about the Catholic News and ViewsProvides articles on faith and personality development Serves as official voice of APBC and catholic forum Presents catholic identity and generates Catholic opinion in secular society. Caters to all the pastoral needs of A.P Church 


We will enter into all the Catholic familites spread throghout Andhra Pradesh. We will  invite everyone to become Bharathamithram Family Member.