Bharatamitram Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The main thrust of Bharathamithram is two fold – instructional and informational. The mission is visualized as follows:

To provide all Catholic news, views & Ecclesiastical information.

To foster religious education and faith formation
To cater to the spiritual needs of Telugu speaking Catholics of all ages.
To be resourceful to evangelical, pastoral, liturgical and soci-economical field workers.
To serve as official voice of APBC and Catholic forum.
To present Catholic identity and to generate Catholic opinion in secular society.
To provide general information about Govt. policies, academic information, job opportunities, etc.
To encourage and train up Catholic writers and journalists to suit into mainstream.

Organizational Structure / Area of Operation

We have only one office, situated at Vaninilayam, 50 Sebastian Road, Secunderabad. At present we do not have any branches or editions.

The magazine is printed as fortnightly and circulated from our office by post.

We have our own Governing Body, which meets twice in a year, and General Body, which meets once a year to evaluate, assess, plan and to see the progress of the magazine.

At present we have Fr.Isaac Surepalli as editor, Sri. K.Thomas Reddy as executive editor and Sri Bandi Stanleyas sub editor.